Pls don’t tell me things you think I should change about myself to improve my personality cause when you do that you assume that a. I’m not happy with the person I am and b. that I care about making you like me enough to change myself neither of which are true

Been proposed to today and been called a queen

There is a really nice waiter called Waleed at our hotel and he showed us all how to write our names in Arabic, he’s nicknamed my brother white chicken and he’s thrown my mums, boyfriends, daughter Lauren in the pool. He’s also been telling us about Ramadan and Eid and offered to take us to a street party in Hurghada, basically he’s my favourite even if he gets our orders wrong everytime

Tbh I need to make a friend on this holiday to enjoy the free cocktails with

We need to talk about the elephant in the room

taking half faced selfies because only one eyebrow is photo worthy

Our hotel is soo nice I could cry


I’m going on holiday tommorrow and I couldn’t be more excited 

always a reality check when nextflix asks you if you want to continue playing