I’m tired but game of thrones is good now I’ve put it on my tv rather than laptop

"[T]here are female Conservative MPs who are happy to call themselves feminists. Why, they even wear T-shirts saying that they’re feminists, just so that we know. I saw a photo of Theresa May wearing one, right, and on the front, it said, ‘This is what a feminist looks like.’ And on the back of her one, it said, ‘Not really! I’m a Tory!’ And then underneath that, it said, ‘I axed the Health In Pregnancy Grant. I closed Sure Start Centres.’ That one had a smiley face next to it. ‘I cut child benefit and slashed tax credits. I shut down shelters for battered wives and children. I cut rape counselling and legal aid.’ Winking face. ‘I closed down all twenty-three specialist domestic violence courts. I cut benefits for disabled children. I tried to amend the Abortion Act so that women received one-to-one abortion counselling from the Pope before they go ahead with it. LOL.’ The back is much longer than the front, by the way. It’s a tailcoat, basically. The new Tory feminists are wearing tailcoats."

Bridget Christie, episode 2 of Radio 4’s Bridget Christie Minds The Gap (via stalungrad)

Started watching game of thrones what am I doing I do not have time for this


This lip stick makes me feel like I could kill a man also I took a toy gun out on saturday because it was fancy dress and I pretended to kill creepy guys with it and when M.I.A paper planes came on it was very useful so now I want to take it out everywhere

This was a good thing


Photography by Justin Kern

American Horror Story: Coven (2013)


Nicola AbrahamStreet in Sighisoara, 2012

Pete Campbell is legit the worst character on any tv show

Resting bitch face is a serious issue

Was sad I had no outlet for showing how much I secretly love this photo (even though it’s very dickish) but then I realised tumblr was a thing