Esterhazy Palace, Hungary.

Swear non of you pay attention to me and it’s very rude

Arrested development is good this is what I’ve learned today

Going to France on Thursday for a festival in Paris to see Lana del Rey and arctic monkeys how exciting



Photo by David Carson

This is terrorism. 

The family on the wedding day 5/24/14 

I’ve run out of tv shows to watch I am angry and upset where do I go from here


Amélie (2001)


The Pitons on the southwestern coast of the island of Saint Lucia.



Do I have a glass of wine yes or yes



so this is an thing that happened ?? this is my family picture (im the one of the far right btw)
it got posted on both 9gag and also reddit by an unknown weirdo who probably got it from my sister’s fb
but don’t worry though we actually have no problem with this at all ! reading the comments has been the funniest thing ever so keep it up

Family goals

Most fashionable fam ever

This outfit is my peak so far